First 3D Simulation

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First attempt at a 3D Epoch run. This simulation shows what might be direct laser acceleration. Crucially, the behaviour seen in 2D appears to be preserved in 3D so this is good.

Please note: Units are in SI, if they are not stated directly on the image they will be standard EPOCH units, i.e. 1/m^3 for density, or kg m s^-1 for momentum, T for magnetic fields, and V/m for electric fields. I have normalized some units, they will be marked on the graphs.

There are some notes regarding the accuracy of this particular simulation:

  1. The box edges are too narrow so later in time the laser reflects off the transverse axis, I don't know what effect this will have after about 150 fs
  2. I did not compile allowing for work on done individual particles this time so any DLA is not confirmed until I've re run with that switched on and we can see the results.
  3. There may not be enough resolution in the protons to show exactly what their interaction looks like, so next run I need to check this.