Direct laser acceleration in Megatesla magnetic fields

Project description

This project examines analytically and using computer simulations a novel regime in which an unprecedented magnetic field, generated in a laser-irradiated solid density target, enhances acceleration of electrons and, as a result, enables emission of energetic photons. Light-matter interactions at ultra-high intensities are the next frontier of the advanced accelerator research with the potential to enable development of novel accelerators and x-ray sources. The prospect of generating copious quantities of energetic photons in laser-target interactions is of particular interest due to its many possible applications, including photo-nuclear spectroscopy, radiation therapy, and radio surgery. The study is also of fundamental relevance to astrophysics, as it can pave the way to creation of matter and antimatter from light, thus providing valuable insights into the inner workings of the universe. The project provides essential student training in accelerator science, plasma physics, and high performance computing.
laser magnetic field animation