Generation of megatesla magnetic fields by intense-laser−driven microtube implosions

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M. Murakami, J. J. Honrubia, K. Weichman, A. Arefiev, and S.V. Bulanov, "Generation of megatesla magnetic fields by intense-laser−driven microtube implosions", Scientific Reports 10, 16653 (2020).


A microtube implosion driven by ultraintense laser pulses is used to produce ultrahigh magnetic fields. Due to the laser-produced hot electrons with energies of mega-electron volts, cold ions in the inner wall surface implode towards the central axis. By pre-seeding uniform magnetic fields on the kilotesla order, the Lorenz force induces the Larmor gyromotion of the imploding ions and electrons. Due to the resultant collective motion of relativistic charged particles around the central axis, strong spin current densities of ∼ peta-ampere/cm2 are produced with a few tens of nm size, generating megatesla-order magnetic fields. The underlying physics and important scaling are revealed by particle simulations and a simple analytical model. The concept holds promise to open new frontiers in many branches of fundamental physics and applications in terms of ultrahigh magnetic fields.


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